The Uyo Book Club has called for an upgrade of the school curriculum to be more skill based so as to help equip and sharpen the intelligence of the younger generation to brace up with the realities of time.

This was part of the focus of the November meeting led by the founder, Dr. Udeme Nana, Saturday.

Members of the club deliberated extensively on the advantages of skill based curriculum which other climes had long adopted and it is high time Nigerian Government would have upgraded.

That came after the founder, Dr. Udeme Nana had set the tone of the meeting on idea exploration as a store of wealth. He also noted that wealth in present time is not measured in possession of lands, houses but on ideas which are easily mined from reading books.

The paradigm shift from the classical method of wealth acquisition makes it pertinent for Bookers to engage their sixth sense in drawing ideas from pages of literature daily.

In line with the tone of the day, a Book Reviewer of ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ by Napoleon Hill, Ms Enwono-Abasi Elisha, further buttressed on the subject matter of the day which was on idea exploration.

On her review, she made quick synopsis of the book which Napoleon Hill discussed the power of the mind and how to gain mastery of it as a veritable field in seeding lofty programs which comes first as a common idea.

The Sixteen chapters of the book on 302 pages, exposed the secrets of successful people which is mind mastery and the ability of allowing positive impulses to condition it to birth positive ideas which incubates for sometimes. Desire, faith, autosuggestion, are few of the processes ideas go through and birth greatness.

There was an indepth discourse on Napoleon Hill’s Book reviewed and expanded by Arthur K. Pell after his demise.

Extensive discussion led to Bookers suggesting periods to engage in research and discuss policies and programmes of Government which recommendations from the Club could inject solution to staring challenges in governance.

©Enwono-Abasi Elisha.


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