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The Acting Chairman of Uyo Local Government Council, Hon. Ukai Udeme said the speculation that the suspended Chairman’s office was vandalized is false and wrong as the later’s office is secured with no trace of burglary.

Speaking to League of Female Publishers (LFP), Akwa Ibom State yesterday, the Ag Chairman said he is still operating from the Vice -Chairman’s office and not desirous of the suspended Chairman’s office space as claimed by rumourmongers who also accused him of spear heading the vandalization of the Chairman’s office which lacked truth as the office is presently under lock and keys without trace of attempted burglary.

“Any blackmail that you heard that I sponsored boys to break into the Chairman’s office was totally wrong and faulty. I don’t like joining issues with some persons but you can take a look at the office by yourself if there is any trace or sign of burglary. Even the Chairman’s picture is still fixed in its place,” Hon. Ukai Udeme said.

He stressed that it is his desire for the suspended Chairman to sort out himself before the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly and return to his position as he (Ag Chairman) knows the pressure around him these few days since the suspension. Ukai Udeme added that he enjoyed the complementary role he played as the Vice Chairman, supporting the effort of the Chairman.

The suspension according to the Ag Chairman came with a matching order for him to take over the running of the Council affairs with immediate effect. He said he was simply obeying the order which Uyo people needed no vacuum.

On issues of inspecting the Council immediately the Chairman was suspended, Hon. Ukai Udeme said due to Covid-19, the council has been closed and he needed to continue from where his boss stopped in the exercise of tidying the council.

The Ag Chairman said his public life is best known to people who knew him seven years ago. He went ahead to say that reaching out to the downtrodden in the rural community was never an antics against the Chairman or in bid to outshine him.

He added that his joy is derived from going to streets to add value to lives. He acknowledged living a street life and promised to visit the street soon since resumption as Ag Chairman.

As a business man who deals on building materials, Ukai Udeme said having spent 13 years serving an Igbo man, he has no option than to engage in trade. He said he loves buying and selling, business as a whole.

He went further to say that his business is the source for his philanthropic activities.

He promised to stand in for the suspended Chairman till he returns and continue in his supportive role as his deputy.

As for disbanding the standing committees in the Council, the Ag Chairman said he only halted the activities of the relevant committees to be able to monitor the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) generated in his acting period so he can be able to defend claims within the period.

“I needed to know how the IGR is run and coordinated as the one in charge so that one day I will not be called upon for questioning of what I don’t know. That is why I put them on hold. When everything is sorted out that will continue with their work.”

Married with three children, Ukai Udeme said his life’s philosophy is to share what he has with the poor as accumulated wealth on earth is only vanity upon vanity.


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