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Akwa Ibom State Environmental Protection and Waste Management Agency, AKSEPWMA, in a bid to advance its environmental services to Akwa Ibom populace, commences House-House waste disposal in the Ewet Housing and Shelter Afrique axis of the state.

This was part of the third year anniversary speech of the AKSEPWMA Board Chairman, Obong Prince Akpan Ikim today while briefing newsmen in Uyo.

“Evolving innovative initiatives and program for effective service delivery has continuously characterised our operations, so in the concluding part of our third year, we have implemented the following schemes:

“We commenced the  house-to-house waste collection at Ewet housing estate and Shelter Afrique and will inject additional 10 compacting trucks within the two estates to sustain the scheme and in conclusion stream on the scheme in order to boost the revenue base of the state, the trucks are donations of waste management equipment by NDDC as a reward  to the Agency for emerging the cleanest state in NIGERIA back to back.

“We have the procured and deployed 20 numbers of 6000 litres of dump stirs waste receptacles by the agency to transfer stations within Uyo Capital City.”

He also explained that the forward policies of the Agency in handling refuse disposal and sustaining the cleanest environment status earned by the state via the body for three consecutive years since 2018 when the present Board was inaugurated will include; Special sanitation corps; Market sanitation corps; Clean – up club in schools; Community sanitation corps; AKSEPWMA enforcement unit.

“Through our operational models and initiatives, in these three years, Akwa Ibom State has emerged the Cleanest State back to back for years: 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively. This achievement is a rare feat for the state since its creation in 1987. And it is hitherto attributable to the effort the agency has conceived in its in-time.”

As part of the Agency’s achievements include conversion of over 15,000 tonnes of enormous municipal and house-hold waste generated on a daily basis in Akwa Ibom State to wealth.

In furtherance to this, Prince Ikim said it will also recreate the wealth from the waste to fossil fuel in order to boost power supply.

“As the chairman of the agency, I am keen on recreating a State of Refuse-to-Riches, where waste generated in Akwa Ibom will be converted to aid power supply and boost our revenue base.”

The Agency also revealed the incorporation of the local communities in its waste management plan which has changed the narrative which was not so before the inception of the present administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel.

“We launched community participation in waste management on the 6th day of January, 2021, to create a convenient waste management system in local areas, through partnership with local government councils. It has since inception aided much local council in waste management and that is what the plan aimed to achieve.

“Around developing countries, it is common  for local communities to be excluded from the master plan of waste management as effort tends to concentrate on urban centers. Back home, Community participation in waste management had suffered a similar fate prior to the governor Udom Emmanuel’s era. But today, we have rewritten the narrative and our local communities are integral partners in waste management programs.”

More achievements of the Agency as elaborated by the Chairman included; improved vegetation of the state’s environment; repealing of the nascent law establishing the Agency in the year 2000 to incorporate updated practices as its concern environmental protection in recent times; positive image appraisal by the public of the State’s environment through the effort of the Agency as it has been rated 45% from fledgling 5% before the inauguration of the present Board; Improved citizens participation in environmental sanitation exercise; ruggedness in helping to fight Covid-19 pandemic during the lockdown; and the Greater Akwa Ibom Clean-up project amongst others.

High point of the event was the unveiling of the corporate logo of the Agency as being part of its rebranding initiative.



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