In an apparent show of desperation and rascality in her resolve to continue the oppressive strategy, the suspended chairman of Nsit Atai, Miss Emem Emmanuel Ibanga last night ordered her political thugs to vandalize, plant plantain in the council Secretariat and get ready to cause mayhem today if the acting chairman, Hon. Idorenyin Inyang steps into the council.

The information from the council Secretariat this morning has it that the last night order for vandalism and planting of plantain in the council premises has already been carried out by the thugs including mounting of road blocks on all roads leading to the council Secretariat.

The violence plot was arranged last night at the instance of the suspended chairman, Miss Emem Ibanga, the yet to be elected deputy state chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Lawrence Orock Udosen, and the MD/ CEO of Eminence Oil, Mr Emmanuel Okon.

The meeting took place at Mr Udosen’s house in Uyo, off 4lane by ventolla hotel when they got fillers that the acting chairman of the council will assume office today as more groups and individuals within and outside the local government continues to identify with Hon. Inyang and commend him for his maturity and humility.

But the acting chairman has assured the people of Nsit Atai that there will be peaceful coexistence and development in the local government. He promised to consolidate on the mandate that was given to them in 2017 to lead the local government.

Throughout the weekend, there were frantic moves by the suspended chairman, Lawrence Udosen, Emmanuel Okon, and their gang to get councillors and supervisors to pass a vote of confidence on the embattled chairman for five hundred thousand naira (N500,000) each, when the idea met a brick wall yesterday, they now resort to violence.

It could be recalled that Miss Emem Ibanga, the then chairman of Nsit Atai and that of Uyo, Elder Imo Okon were suspended from office last Friday by the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly for gross misconduct, inefficiency, and failure to carryout the governor’s directive, and directed their Vice to take over as acting chairmen pending investigation into the allegations of financial misappropriation and other allegations against them.


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