Talent Tent, a training platform for children, provided by E-Reach Foundation in collaboration with Hope for Costal Women and Empowerment Initiative, trained 50 children on various skills in its maiden edition, Thursday.

This was contained in the speech of the Team Lead of E-Reach Foundation, Ms Enwono-Abasi Elisha during her opening remark on the occasion.

According to her, “the focus of the platform is to close the gap of paucity of skills among our youth in secondary Schools even in the Universities which give rise to the recurring decimal of crime in the society.

Recently, different bodies have raised the concern of upgrading school curriculum to be skill-based as the increasing rate of job hunting by graduates becomes embarrassing not just to the individual but to the government.

The founder of Hope for Coastal Women and Empowerment Initiative Ms Emem Okon, a co-host of Talent Tent in her remark, said the vision fall along the line of solving the crying need of unemployment in the society.

In his speech, the Guest of Honour, Mr. Emmanuel Owuala who is the SA to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Talent Hunt, charged the students to avail themselves of the opportunity and gain a skill which can serve as a start-up point to their journey of being self-reliant and a solution to a need in the society.

He used his life story as a link to the the uniqueness of each child and how they can turn odds to become advantages and stepping stones to their greatness.

In his turn, the SA on Entertainment Industry, Mr. David Sergeant (Utang Akwa Ibom) charged the students to discover their inherent talents and develop it because it will become their meal tickets in future. He concluded his speech using his life story, the journey and how he intentionally discovered his Broadcast, Master of Ceremony talents.

An actor and Nollywood Film Director, Mr. Moses Eskor said the opportunity will help the children to choose their best talent as every individual has more than a talent.

He however thanked the organisers of the event for putting up the program for the benefit of Akwa Ibom Children.

Ms Aniebiet Francis, Nollywood Actress and CEO of Orange Film Boot Camp, said the students should pursue their passion and not be distracted by peer influence. She further narrated her life’s story and told the children to withdraw from courses they have no inclination for, rather choose courses they will excel in.

In her goodwill, CEO of Utytrends, Mrs Utibe-Akwa said the upcoming generation are luckier as there are entrepreneurs and other public-spirited individuals willing to train them on skills.

She said as an undergraduate, she would have made much money if she had a skill while in school. She encouraged the students to avail themselves of the opportunity by learning skills which in future can sustain them through higher institution and even after.

Utytrends CEO notified the students of a recent news report of a first-class student begging for job online and urged them to focus on self development than gaining University degree to seek for white-collar jobs which often times do not come immediately.

Talent Bank Nigeria CEO, Mr. Nelson NseAbasi said the program will go a long way in helping to sharpen inherent talents in the youth as it has been the focus of Talent Bank to help manage talents.

The facilitators who took the children on different areas of discussion and training include;
Mr. Francis Onuk, Founder RootHub (ICT); Enobong Effiong Ndem, CEO of Portable Ventures and Director ‘De Amala Lougue,’ Uyo (Catering); Imaobong Ben, CEO-AIMA Food/Organic Food Entrepreneur (Organic Food Production); Covenant Nsa, Tech-Writer (Internet writing) and NseAbasi Akpan, Cosmetologist (Liquid soup, Perfume and scouring powder production).

Speaking with Mrs Lizzy Udo, a teacher of Comprehensive Secondary School, Four Towns, who accompanied the students to the event in her judgement said the event was “a very rewarding and unforgettable one.”

In the same vein, a student participant, Kufre Uwakmfon Sunday, SS3 female, said the event was a memorable one as she learnt a lot and will use the baking skill during the holidays and to better her life in the future.

The partners of Talent Tent promised to unfold more packages in future editions of the program.

The maiden edition featured over 40 students of Comprehensive Secondary School Four Towns cutting across the 31 LGAs of the State gaining various skills.


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