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Voters in Ward 11, Esit Eket LGA have chosen Mr. Victor Okon Esang, a Councillorship candidate of the National Rescue Movement (NRM) in the Local Government elections in the area today.

According to the results declared by the oUnits officials of the Akwa Ibom State Independent Electoral Commission, AKISIEC, at various polling units in the Ward, it was cleared that voters unanimously exercised their franchise in favour of the NRM candidate.

Out of the eight (8) units in Esit Eket
Idung Atangedem, Ward 11, only in Unit 2 that the Presiding Officer (PO) absconded with some materials.

The people against the odds still exercised their franchise with the NRM candidate leading.

According to the Councillorship results announced by POs of various units in the Ward, NRM led in voting strength.

Unit 1 had a total of 200 votes and PDP zero (0) vote; Unit 3, NRM had 289, PDP 5; Unit 4, NRM had 268 votes and PDP 8 votes; in Unit 005, NRM had 495 votes while PDP had 3 votes; Unit 6 had 210 votes for NRM while PDP had 25 votes and in Unit 8, NRM had 355 votes while PDP had 20 votes.

Responding to questions from newsmen, the NRM candidate, Mr. Victor Esang said the massive support he enjoyed from the people is due to his genuine love for them even as a private citizen and indigene of the area.

Going further, the NRM candidate said the outcome of the election is the voice of the people who have spoken through their franchise.

He said the Ward is the village of the former House of Representative member; Chapter Chairman of PDP in the area who doubles as Chairman of all Chapter Chairmen of PDP in the State.

An observer, the former youth leader of PDP, Mr. Akan Etudor who hails from Esit Eket but not from Ward 11, said he was ashamed of the outcome of the election as a member of PDP.

“As a member of Peoples Democratic Party, I feel ashamed of myself and as a member of PDP. This is a unit where you have the former House of Representative member and the Chair of Chair of PDP Chapter Chairmen in the state.

“It is annoying that we are losing elections even in their unit. It is something we should go back home and tell ourselves the truth.

“Today, the people came enmasse in annoyance to vote for a party we do not even know. NRM! Yet this is a Ward you have people in PDP from 1999 and the people’s grievance is that PDP has failed them in the unit.”

When interfacing with indigenes of the area, it was made clear that a template for 2023 elections has been set in the area as it is time the wishes of the people must be truly expressed and uphold through effective and sincere electoral process in the area and State at large.

Also, a stakeholder in the Ward, Mr. Boniface Ekanem said any attempt to fault or silent the voices of the people in Ward 11 in Esit Eket will amount to crisis and may turn to not only #EndSARS but #EndAKISIEC.

However, it was made known that there was changes in the SPO of the area and the POs were stranded as there was no officer to announce the overall votes cast for both chairmanship and councillorship positions at the collation centre in Ntak Inyang village, Esit Eket after unit polls.



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