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The Executive Chairman of Oron LGA, Hon. Anthony Bassey Etim said he will not accept second term even on a platter of gold at the expiration of his first tenure on December, 2020.

He made the assertion in a session with Conference of Online Publishers Akwa Ibom State (COOPA) on its ongoing Democracy Day Social Media Convo, today.

According to him, “Even if I’m given Second term on a platter, I won’t contest. I can’t go against the zoning arrangement of the people. In Oron, we have three zones; A, B and C. If I go for a second term, I would have stopped other zones from benefiting from the arrangement. We must always learn to pave way for other people. However, if other opportunities like appointment come, I may avail myself for service,” – Hon. (Pst.) Anthony Bassey Etim, Chairman of Oron Local Government Area.

On his achievements since inception as the Executive Chairman of Oron LGA, Pastor Anthony Bassey Etim said a lot have been on the offing if not for the pandemic which has affected the smooth running of many programs.

“Things we would have done before the pandemic have not been done. Those projects I had in mind to start have been slowed down, we have not done them. The projects the Governor had intended to complete, Covid 19 has slowed down the process.

“I was on the verge of commissioning the markets before the pandemic but I am thinking of doing it in July.”

The Chairman also explained that the relative peace experienced in the area since taking the reins of leadership of Oron Council is a conscious approach. He said the prolonged communal clash between Eyioabasi and Idua communities which was a major challenge has been settled as peace has returned to these communities.

“I have done a lot to stop the communal crisis that existed between Eyoabasi and Idua. The State Government, traditional rulers and the elites waded in but couldn’t stop it. When I became involved, I had to call both communities on the need to make peace. I had 23 meetings before the peace was finally brokered. We thank God that there is peace now.

“What we want the State Government to do for the peace now existing between Eyoabasi and Idua to be sustained is to bring out the White paper about the communities so that we know what would be done for them.”

On his view of the 21 years of uninterrupted democracy in Nigeria, the Chairman was hopeful for a bright future for the nation even in the face of its challenges.

He added that in 2023, as zoning will be respected, the mantle of leadership in the State should be given to a leader who will sustain the peace experienced in the State.


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