Enwono-Abasi Elisha, December 26, 2019

That time seem to pass long ago when the streets of Akwa Ibom State metropolis, Uyo were deserted due to migration of residents to other towns even villages which they adjudged as best to have yuletide fun. It was biologically a diffusion.

Time evolves.

The city of Uyo is a beehive of activities and aside the last minutes rush of Christmas shopping, which causes traffic gridlock along major roads, Uyo Christmas Villages has pulled visitors to the metropolis, giving a view of an exciting and fun-filled city.

A week penultimate Christmas, there had been observable increase road traffic along major junctions in Uyo like Babangida Avenue/Aka Road/Two-lane junction; Oron road at intercept; Aka Road, Ikot Ekepene Road and Abak Road. Motorists conversant with Uyo terrain escaped the heavy traffic by using internal roads. Even still, there was not much relief on the major entrances to the city.

The Christmas village from December 2, 2019 had served as a major tourist site attracting people from all walks of life adding a splendid glow to the once silent and peaceful Udo Udoma Avenue which host the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Banking layout with other Government’s and private offices.

Many troop in to have a view of the beautiful site prepared by the Akwa Ibom State Government through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism headed by Mr. Orman Esin.

It also serves as a very contagious business hub where business owners creatively turns their stands purchased with a fee not less than N45,000.00 (Forty-Five Thousand Naira) to an arena of competitive business corners to woo buyers.

All sort of goods and services ranging from food, drinks, snacks to wearable goods are found in the Christmas Village. Tourists also have good photo sessions as photographers are ready to make their visit memorable.

On Dec 25, Christmas Day, when the streets were expected to be less condensed with people probably leaving for other cities or to rest with family at home to reflect on the season, Christmas Village overthrew expectations with packages for children and adults through planned program for children outing and hangout. The live-stage retained adults attention till wee-hours of the boxing day.

Traffic at Udo Udoma suddenly burgeoned not respecting the time and season changing the story of Udo Udoma Avenue compared to normal work days. It was a site where motorist, apparently parents taking their wards to catch Christmas fun struggled for space to park their vehicles or even to gain access to the playground.

From noises of excited children and adults on horse ride; family picnics; photo sessions plus chats from friends satisfying their cravings from a food-drinks-filled table mixing with echoes from live-stage presentations permeating the atmosphere, its a reality of a city with people catching-in on the evolutionary trend of Christmas fun in Uyo not Aba.


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