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Those who carefully followed Nsit Atai political terrain in the past years will confirm the tale-telling for the umpteen time, that the area was classified as being prone to political crises and out of the situation, political gladiators in the area sort for a way out of the quakemire.

They resort to simonise the relationship amongst the three major clans of the area: Ibiaikot, Ibedu and Afaha which form the tripod-threshold for Nsit Atai extraction of Akwa Ibom State.

With transparent leadership, fair share and democratizing politics, people were given sense of belonging and peace gradually returned to the acclaimed ‘war-prone’ zone till it is now referred to a ‘Centre of Unity.’

For the past five years, this has been part of the introductory remark of Rt. (Hon.) Elder Mark Esset in the hallowed Chamber of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly anytime he stands to speak for the good people of Nsit Atai.

Not wrong to say, “I am Mark Esset, member representing the good people of Nsit Atai State Constituency, Centre of Unity,” just to relish on the miracle, having been a major key player in this achievement. This is why leaders in the area who saw the loses of Nsit Atai during the war era can not close their eyes and look the other way over acts threatening the peace enjoyed in the area today.

Those who have close interface with this law maker are often awed by his content, character and reasoning over issues bothering his constituency, people and life in general.

This and many more may have helped him to steadily rise from the dust through several existing political ranks in the area to the unprecedented position as a ranking member of the 7th Assembly. There has never been a two-term legislator from Nsit Atai in the State House of Assembly since the creation of the State and the existence of legislative arm of government.

Destiny called Mark Udo Esset and as David, he was used to break the ugly jinx which was like a goliath against the political advancement of the area.

The narrative changed and minds reoriented.

Today, ‘Mbiam’ politics in the area as been eschewed which caged people under the shackles of fear. It was publicly disgraced and truth came forth. Many were surprised by the revelation of those who have been patronizing the act in the area over the years.

The Nsit Atai lawmaker can be adjudged as a man of many sides. His dedication to his core mandate as a voice of Nsit Atai people many times see him think differently and most often do not embrace bandwagon. He checks his opinion first by his conviction of the truth and what is needed by Nsit Atai people per time.

As a ranking member of the 7th Assembly, needless to bore you by enumerating all his achievements in the last five years in the State Legislature as some of you already know.

Within the first lap of his second term, attempt will be made to state but few.

With the ripples of the Committee on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs sent across the Local Government tier and the State, one need no further questioning of the man behind, steering the affairs of this Committee.

The 2019 tour of the Committee throughout the 31 LGAs of Akwa Ibom State woke up sleeping Council’s officials, while others felt showcasing ineptitude and rascality in handling affairs at that tier was as a compensation to their political ambitions, forgetting the mandate of the people they carry and a price to pay for leadership.

Today, many Local Government Councils have found a platform to channel their complaints of the rot in their respective areas being fully aware of the legal backing empowered by the constitution for the State Assembly to wade into matters at that tier through it oversight functions.

As an astute lawmaker, Rt. Hon. Mark Esset who is the lead sponsor of a bill on “Akwa Ibom State Environmental and Waste Management Agency Bill,” which has been passed into law is neck bent to ensure he continue to add his quota in law making process of the 7th Assembly as he has cosponsored 11 bills.

Always keeping tab with his constituents, Elder Esset during the Covid-19 intense lock-down, reached out to his people with numerous items as palliatives. This gave succour to the people in the face of the crushing effect of the pandemic which has ravaged the world. Items shared included; over 100 bags of beans, rice, cartons of seasoning cubes, noodles, hand sanitizer etc.

As a sport fan, he has been sponsoring Nsit Atai unity cup tournaments where the 10 villages in the area participate. Recently, he joined Uyo Fitness Cyclers group, where participants cycle through the streets of Uyo in a fun-like manner while keeping fit.

He runs an open-door policy. Elder Esset’s office does not bar strangers. He welcomes all and encourages politicians to exude sportsman’s spirit in their political dealings as politics is a game of interest.

The refined David’s anointing is upon him as he is a lover of God, worshipper and a responsible father.

Today marks exactly one year since he was inaugurated as a member of the 7th Assembly, the first year in his second term, it behooves that Elder Mark Esset either maintain or even improved on his representation which has been described as vocal and pointy.

Nsit Atai people needs impressive ‘Marks’ always to fall back on as the future beckons.

Keep making the ‘Marks.’ That is the signature Nsit Atai needs.

Happy One Year Anniversary!


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