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The former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Arc. (Obong) Victor Attah has urged leaders at all levels of government to be sensitive to the recent happenings in the country and yield to the demands of good governance pressed for by Nigerian youth than to be complacent which can lead to anarchy.

The former Governor gave the advice today while meeting with media professionals during a press conference in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

His Excellency urged leaders at various levels of Government to listen to the plea of the youth which had built up over time and has caused an outpour of their frustrations on the streets recently.

“Out of a feeling of total frustration and impotency, our youths poured out on the streets on a legitimate protest mission and suddenly the President could hear them loud and clear. But not before a legitimate protest mission that started out quite peacefully had turned into an orgy of looting, killing, wanton and mindless destruction.”

He lamented on the outcome of the peaceful protest which claimed many lives as he prayed for their repose.

The youth were charged to shun self-destruct actions by condemning anything that sabotages the efforts of the state and individuals. They are to abide in the strength of the common inheritance of Nigeria and in unity protect the wealth as a nation, state and as individuals.

“I therefore urge all Akwa lbom youths to rally in strong defence of their inheritance and to be totally united in their condemnation of all manner of unethical behavior and hooliganism that can lead to the destruction of personal and public property.”

The elder statesman called for total reformation of the police force and other security outfits so to win back public trust.

“The question that must be asked is, how did we get here? I am aware that our police have won several acclaims and accolades during peace keeping missions abroad so why do they exhibit such abominably unacceptable behavior at home! I also know that public resentment to police brutality, particularly SARS, is not a sudden thing, it has been building up.

“In response, the Federal Government set up in 2018, a presidential panel on SARS reforms. After thorough investigation, the panel recommended the sacking of 37 police officers, and the prosecution of 24 others.”

He urged the youth to embrace the olive branch extended by the President hoping that the issues raised will be addressed accordingly.

“I want to therefore appeal to our youths, to eschew bitterness and to show further commitment to the peace process by halting all further protests so they will not be accused of participating in the destruction of their own future.

“There is no doubt that their primary purpose of EndSARS has been realized though at a heavy price. The healing process must now begin.

“Today we apologise to the youths and so we should; but is that sufficient succour? They need assurances that the future will be better but can it, if we continue as we are? Here and their voices were raised shouting for Change, for True Federalism, Resource Control, Diversification, a New Constitution for Nigeria. Chile, which had also inherited a Military Constitution has just changed it through a referendum. Why not Nigeria!”

However, the former Governor called on the Government at all levels to heed to the demands of the people before it is too late.

“In every part of this country today the urgent and compelling need for such a change has been acknowledged and endorsed. My plea, my passionate plea to the government is to please DO SOMETHING NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.”


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