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However your view, DATA simply means information!

Coming in forms of ‘Monthly Bundles’ for DSTV and Telecommunications Networks, their choose of the term ‘Data-Bundle’ is simply a reminder of your need to access information.

The feeds on happenings around the globe on the event of the ravaging pandemic of Covid 19 is aided by the instant information made available through internet connection. Of course this internet access is opened up by active data bundle in android phones.

According to J. Clement, 2020, ‘The Statista,’ says “World internet demographics shows that almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of April 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population. China, India and the United States rank ahead all other countries in terms of internet users.”

Imagine a world it would have been without access to internet (Zillions of information). A world it would have been without ‘Data’ to open the social media space and connect the world just as the tale of ‘Global Village’ spoken of more than two decades ago.

Thanks to technology!

The current world situation makes the essence of social media stare at us and the evolved technologies have enabled the instantaneous flow of information, ideas and even feedback. The changing status-quo of feedback due to technology has given feedback a new regalia of speed in communication process challenging the previous one-on-one situation which was assumed the only type that allowed for instant feedback.

With the changing terrain, value for subscription of ‘Data-Bundle’ of various networks providers is in serious competition with the value of ‘Power Supply’ which for now is saved as it is still a needed source to power smartphones, Laptops and other technological devices. But this differs on an individual scale of preference. Though electricity is needed to power these devices, hope is burgeoning soon for a technology that will offer opportunity for ‘self-powered’ devices, probably solar powered type. Over to you technical experts!

Individuals prefer ‘Data-Bundle’ to connect to the world and instantly catch-up with happenings than ‘DSTV subscription’ which scarce power supply does not offer them the privilege of enjoying the service. They deem it a waste as they could not recall when last an electric-bulb blinked by power supply. Running generating sets for longer period is an additional expenses for Nigerians especially during the Covid 19 lockdown period where many economies have been challenged including that of nations of the world.

This reminds us of the recent deliberation by Nigerian National Assembly suggesting a stop to the use of generating sets by Nigerians for environmental reasons which to the citizenry is laughable as the country is still grabbling with the challenge of steady power supply and use of generating sets as an alternative for many.

They see ‘Monthly Data subscription’ as an escape from the blackout reality in the country. For many, it is more cheaper and convenient than a monthly subscription of DSTV which will need steady power supply to enjoy the service and link up with world happenings and the reality in this part of the world (Akwa Ibom precisely) makes Power supply a very scarce service.

There was a post recently on social media how aggrieved residents unleashed mayhem on a PHEDC staff whose assignment was to drop bills to residents. Residents don’t joke about bills without services.

Of course with your ‘Smart Phone’ in hand loaded with active ‘Data-Bundle’ affords one a lot of convenience. You can surf the web, Tweet, Facebook, WhatsApp, Blog, and even make business contacts than a big Flat Screen with active ‘DSTV subscription’ without power supply to access the service.

In case of lack of power supply, an alternative step of getting few litres of fuel probably to power up a device and escape the odd reality and link up to the world remains consoling.

Virtual Living!

Succinctly, some of our lives have become virtual. More simpler is what many term ‘audio-living.’

With the ravaging pandemic of COVID 19, the lock-down action by nations of the world and social- distancing preventive measure, virtual meetings are deem the best for the time.

Arrangement is made by proactive State Governments as in the case of Nigeria to close-in-gaps created by the pandemic in its progress. Like in the educational sector. According to the Academic Calendar, Schools would have by this time resumed for the third term session but due to the ongoing lock-down across the country in a bid to contend with the virus, virtual education is suggested. Already, an educational radio program has begun for all classes in Akwa Ibom State and for the country, an online learning has also begun.

This is a ‘Data-Age’ and driven by technology. A lot is still to be done by parents, guidance and caregivers who never embraced the arrival of this trend as it seem not to end any time soon.

How is your Scale of preference?

Data, Food, Fuel, other needs could queue behind.

You can’t keep up without ‘Data.’

This is a new world order!



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