Gov Wike of Rivers State has raised political dust again by alleging All Progressives Congress (APC) to be cancerous.

He said this recently to BBC Pidgin that he can not leave Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with mere malaria to APC with ‘stage Four’ cancer which is terminal.

“See, let me tell you, the APC has stage four cancer and when doctors say you have stage four cancer, just tell your God that it has happened as you can never survive. That is what the APC has. So it will be impossible for me to defect to catch their cancer.”

Wike said though the PDP has it’s own internal problems, they cannot be compared to the issues facing the APC.

Hear Gov Wike’s reaction on whether he is contemplating leaving PDP for APC:

“Leave for where? I presently have malaria and is it cancer I will go and look for?

“Why are you talking like this? I have malaria that can be treated easily and I will go and look for cancer that will kill me immediately?

“Is the APC a party? A party that has killed Nigerians? No way, I can’t leave the PDP for such a party. Any fight we engage in the PDP is inside the PDP and that is where I will fight. If they like, they injure me there or I injure them but I won’t ever run away. Though I know they cannot injure me.

“That is where we will fight our fight but to leave the PDP that has common malaria for the APC that has cancer, no, it can’t happen.”

His answer to a question on whether he is a corrupt politician, Wike said:

“I will not say I am corrupt but I will say though I am not a perfect man, I like money like every other person. If I don’t have money, how will I pay my children’s school fees? If I don’t have money, how will I pay the bills for my sick mother who is in the hospital?

“Anyone, especially politicians who say they don’t like money are liars. They like money but will come out to say they don’t like money. ”


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