Akwa Ibom State Government shuts down Government Technical College, Ewet, Uyo, indefinitely over yesterday’s rampage by students of the school.

The government is to launch a full scale investigation into the immediate and remote cause of the crisis that erupted on Wednesday which has become a recurring decimal with a view of bringing culprits to book. Already, the police has arrested some students who participated in the rampage which led to the attack of police men, destruction of school properties, and others.

A public statement released by government announcing the closure of the school states as follows;

1. Government will institute a full scale investigation into the immediate and remote causes of the student crises in the College which has become a recurring decimal

2. Government Technical College, Ewet is hereby shutdown immediately and all the students are advised to vacate the school premises with immediate effect. Staff of the College are however advised to continue to report for duty

3. All students arrested during the unfortunate incident and the one’s to be arrested in the cause of police investigation will be prosecuted in a normal and juvenile court.

4. 34 students whose names were compiled through intelligent sources as being masterminds to these recurrent ugly incidents are hereby placed on indefinite suspension. They will not return to our school system until their cases have been reviewed.

5. The students of Government Technical College, Ewet will bear the cost of all the damages caused by their action on resumption (if at all).

One of the witnesses, Mr. Itoro-Obong Umoh in his online post said, “What I saw yesterday at Government technical college is despicable to write about,but I can’t help because as a former student leader,I must use this opportunity to commend the timely intervention of the Special Assistant to the Governor on students’ Affairs who was on ground with a handful of others to manage the situation before it escalated.

“A friend who does a volunteering job on intelligence gathering in the state called me that fateful morning to come and witness the worst case of madness propagated by teens who should be seen to be a role model in the society. I drove down and met the worst scenario in the history of teenage hooliganism in our clime.

“Both male and female teens were seen brandishing and wielding all sorts of weapons on each other. Cars, properties and others were their targets. Some were seen wearing different kinds of clothes and regalia that suggested cult-related practices and ill motivations.

“I wept to see people of such vulnerable ages involving in such acts. Their acts then reminded me of Prof. Wole Soyinka who remains the progenitor of any cult-related practice in Nigeria. But looking deep into Wole Soyinka’s philosophy,one would agree with me that what we have today in our society is far below if not totally at variance with the mindset of the progenitor.

“I guess that Soyinka wanted to build a class of sassy,outspoken and brilliant young activists who could summon courage to look authorities to their faces and offer alternative suggestions to acts that seems to be inimical to the livelihood and welfare of not only their members, but the entire public.

“In his mind,he saw those who could drive this philosophy to come from the hyper-cerebral strata of the academic world. This however was the reason why he kept a bench mark and a statutory academic CGPA for intended members.

“Today, the whole thing is bastardized and turned to a trading ground for the never-do-well in the society. Street urchins and people of less/no morals are the ones who make up this groups. They start from secondary schools as experienced and seen yesterday at that school.

“I’m really sad, I’m very serious. I’m sad because the little volunteering work some of my friends and I are doing on intelligence gathering in the state exposes the level crime recorded amongst our teens. The fear of this can’t allow me nor advise any of my friends to send their wards to public schools. Apart from that,I can’t stand seeing any of my wards drafting any of his or her friends to my house. What I mean in essence is that,it is a policy in my home that all my wards should only have a close companionship with their academic materials…no opportunity for unnecessary friendship and others. Not that I hate other children, but because, as a man vested with security issues,I’m scared to allow my wards interact unnecessarily for reasons best known to me.

“Apart from the cultivation of cultivation of intelligence gathering within public schools in the state,there is need for the cultivation of holistic intelligence gathering in the state. This is very necessary because,day in,day out,some miscreants who held Cross River State on the jocular are relocating to Akwa Ibom State.

“Yes, I give Akwa Ibom State government a pass mark on their proactiveness on issues of security as seen in their timely intervention yesterday, but there are still much to do on this area.

“I feel for the JSS3 and SS3 students who may be badly affected by the closure of the school. But government as a responsive and responsible government would not act less. I commend government’s decision to close down the school. I also implore government to engage mostly non teaching staff of the school to ascertain the cause of the unfortunate riot. Also,there certain members of staff of the school who should be quizzed during investigation; this is because, information at our disposal indicates that certain staff are members of certain cult group(s) in the school. These staff are the ones who encourage all these acts of violence amongst the vulnerable students. Some of these students are just driven by sheer fun of ‘feeling among’ without knowing or defining the consequences of their acts and deeds.

“I must really commend the S.A to the Governor on Students’ Affairs,he acted well. I also commend others who acted swiftly to arrest the situation.”

Meanwhile, it is on record that the school has over the years been engaged in rampages either internally or with other schools which destabilize the peaceful co-existence between these schools and the academic environment; posing a serious threat to the educational sector as it concerns Technical Education in Akwa Ibom State.


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