Enwono-Abasi Elisha, Dec 31, 2019

Just before the 2019 curtain falls to herald 2023 there are certain political sentiments which should not cross over.

It is 2023 already!

Into few months of the Second term of Governor Udom Emmanuel when dust of the 2019 electioneering process is yet to settle, wounds yet to be healed as the appellate court just confirmed the Akwa Ibom people’s vote on the present Governor, like harmattan, 2023 seems to send dry wind against the vegetation still blossoming for the people.

Harmattan you come too early!

While in the field gathering ripe fruits

Hope rising for more harvest

The whirlwind came blinding the views Unsettling gatherers, casting fruits young

The greenish leaves twirled, grey twigs shattered

The Harmattan came rather too early!

Is it not a wonder how 2023 becomes closer than 2020. Political calendar and its analysts makes the process cease, fast tracking time.

It is a season where politicians should dare not joke over anything or exchange pleasantries where two or three people are gathered.

Every word, posture, gesture is twisted to make political sense.

It is already a season where politicians like parents should share certain sentiments in the bedroom and leave it there not taking it out to the parlour where at the glare of everyone can easily give another meaning to mere moments of pleasantries.

Recently, at the gathering of gentlemen of the Pen Profession where comedy went berserk, sensibilities heightened and comedy became serious and record straightened that no rich man’s son ever worked in a motor park. That was not a joke!

The home made products brewed up which as a State is getting on to encourage high quality of home made products for high patronage.

It was not a joke!

Sentiment catch in. Some dust off their Kitty to bring out already familiar artefact which has decorated the political history of the State just to present as a new art work against 2023.

Who does not go to Lagos?

It is retrogressive now to whip up the sentiment that until you are born and bred in the State without leaving the shores of Akwa Ibom State that you can vie for any political office.

Yeah! that is the sentiment.

It is never wrong for any true Akwa Ibom person to aspire for any political office so far as the intent is right for the good of Akwa Ibom people. When issues of home grown and Lagos grown is brought up suddenly, something churns in the bowels.

How will any Akwa Ibom person be deprived of aspiring to any political office just because time and chance which happeneth to all took him to strange land to offer services on any organisational platform for the good of the society.

With hope of progressive ventures and advancement of the society, matters should be carefully dissected that with our sentimental dagger we sent democracy’s soul not to hell and float in illusion of supporting democracy.

In 1991, in an attempt to return to democracy by the Ibrahim Babangida administration which brought in Late Obong Akpan Isemin as the first elected civilian governor of the state on the platform of the National Republican Convention, NRC. Like in the old Cross Rivers State, Isemin was brought in from Lagos by some politicians who adjudged that exposure matters in governance.

The dead of the maximum ruler, Sani Abacha in 1998 brought in Abdulsalam Abubakar who initiated a hurried transition programme to return power to the civilians. That transition programme brought about the emergence of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alliance for Democracy, AD, the All Peoples Party, APP which later metamorphosed into the All Nigeria People Party, ANPP. All the three parties had significant presence in the state with the PDP being the dominant party in the state and the centre.

As usual with Akwa Ibom politics, another Lagos based Akwa Ibom person from Uyo Senatorial District, Arc Obong Victor Attah was presented by the PDP as its governorship standard bearer. The APP presented former governor, Late Obong Akpan Isemin as its candidate. Even though other smaller parties had their candidates, the race was really between Obong Attah and Obong Isemin who was now more or less the home candidate as against his first outing on the NRC platform. With the likes of Atuekong Donald Etiebet, Etukudoh Ekpro, Otu Robert and the rest, it was more or less a one sided contest as Obong Attah, an architect was preferred by the electorate probably because of the Lagos background.

From that time till present, it is clear of the notable feats of our sons, some commendable while some were not; but did not take out the fact that side by side our sons home or in far away lands when time is set come back with right intention and aspired for political positions with other Akwa Ibom sons back home. It was only left for the political grand lords in respective political platforms to give a backing to whom they believed in and the people choose whom the cap fit.

It is democracy and deserving Akwa Ibom sons/daughters can aspire for any political office whether Home grown or Lagos grown.

Goodbye 2019 and welcome 2023. You came quite early!




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